Boom Barrier

    DRIVE MECHANISM- The operation of the Drive Unit is silent and maintenance free optimized for long lasting performance. ELECRICAL MOTOR- Opening and closing time (2-10 sec.) can be adjusted at the site during installation depending on traffic frequency and boom length. BOOM- The boom is made of non-corrosive anodized aluminum. AUTO-CLOSE MODE- If auto close mode is selected in control panel, the barrier will close automatically after a preset time.

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    Flash Light

    Safety is more important than convenience. The flash light accessory acts as a warning signal and indicates the movement of the gate by flashing constantly while under operation.

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    Garage doors

    Fitted with multipoint latching, Operated by a security lock as standard, White backing to the door to increase light within the garage, Fitted with an automatic motor, remote control transmitter, A digital code pad or a three function control panel (lights, door and vacation lock). Models suitable for Sectional Doors, Overhead Partially retracting, Overhead Door Totally Retracting.

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    Parking solutions

    Accommodates maximum cars in minimum space, Customized parking solution, Designed and manufactured in India to provide cost effective solutions, Low maintenance and operation cost, Safety for both car and the driver, Faster parking and retrieval, Eco friendly, Attractive modular design.

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    Remote Switch

    Open your gates using your cell phone, Control your gate remotely, Just send a text message and it will activate the system, Compatible with any home appliances, Specially designed for ALEKO gate openers and can be easily used with any of ALEKO gate openers.

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    Shutter Motor

    This Robust shutter motor which is available in different model forms to suit different sizes and weight of shutters. Its error free operation makes it a product that you will love to possess. Its corrosion resistant nature gives a very long life.

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    Sliding gates

    So many solutions, just one that is ideal for you..

    Looking for an operator for residential use? Or a solution for condominiums? Large gates? Intensive use and particularly heavy fixtures?

    Enables manual operation while power failure, Long service life, Irreversible electromechanical unit, Clutch: Mechanical clutch, Passkey, Control – Magnetic Card, Remote Control. BX-243 upto 200kgs, BX upto 400, 600, 800 kgs, By-3500T upto 3500 kgs, BK upto 1200, 1800, 2200 kgs

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    Swing gates

    Looking for a solution with a low visual impact? Limited gate opening space? And if yours is a wrought iron gate? Large pillars? Smaller size? Pedestrian opening?
    Came Swing Gates have a long functional life and Hassle free functioning, with Oil bath motor reduction gear on ball bearings. Available as invisible floor models which does not disturb the aesthetics of the gate, Light weight models suitable for small pillars and posts, Robust aesthetically designed models for Bigger Pillars.

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    Provide quick entrance to authorized employees and visitors. Maintaining aesthetics of the surrounding. Uni-directional turnstiles are used at only entry or only exit points. Bi-directional turnstile allows either entry or exit at one time while keeping the other side locked.

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