Small Office Solution


Small business enterprises with lesser staff count need an accurate time and attendance solution. Such proprietorship businesses find it difficult to track time and attendance accurately. The information flow is slow, partial and mostly fallible. Generation of accurate reports for business analytics, becomes an issue. Enter biometric attendance solutions – time and attendance management are a breeze to handle. And reports are ready in a jiffy!

Multi Location Application


Thanks to internet technology; the globe has shrunk. Today, an ambitious enterpriseheadquartered in one part of the globe, can efficiently manageits multiple branch offices situated in multiple locations across the globewith consummate ease.A centralized admin and HR can monitor the time and attendance data of various locations through internet. The infallible biometric attendance systems for time and attendance management deployed at various locations can transmit data to thecentral headquarters through internet.

Daily Attendance


Daily attendance report generation helps in keeping track of the employee attendance pattern.Employees habitually late to work, can be tracked and action can be initiated accordingly.

Time Loss Graph Chart


Graphical data helps in having a visual idea and a bird’s eye view of the operations.

Access Control Solution


Solution for access control can be given throughcard, biometric finger andface recognition technologies. Access control can be imposed based on time table. The anti-passback feature helps to prevent misuse of the access control system. Access control using authorization is also a useful system for high security areas. This system registers the person who is entering along with the supervisor, with his permission. Interlocking of doors is a requirement that can be fulfilled by access control system very effectively.

Multi Floor Application

– Connect Remote or Multiple Sites
– Wired or Wireless Connectivity
– Real-Time Monitoring of All Locations
– Centralized Monitoring and Controlling
– For Time-Attendance and Access Control

Employee Self-Service Management


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Visitor Management

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Customized Visitor Pass


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Cafeteria Management Process


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